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“Hey Kaoru, that girl is here.” Hikaru said while looking down through the second floor classroom window. They were staring at a young girl, maybe a year younger, or in the same year, but why should they care all they wanted to do was have a little fun. They watched as the young girl waited for them to show up, particularly one, Kaoru. Her (h/l) (h/c) locks were flowing in the wind as she looked in all directions to find the one twin, but as she waited no one showed up, and she stood there with the little hope she had, keeping her hands over her heart, that soon would be broken.

“Guess we better go down there.” Kaoru told his twin. Then they both went towards the door of their classroom, and made their way down to the courtyard where the young girl waited. The twins got into place with Kaoru pretending to be Hikaru, and Hikaru waiting behind the bush for the grand surprise.

“Hello there, are you ______?” Kaoru said, as you lifted your head, realizing the twin was here.


“I’m sorry, but I’m Hikaru. It seems that you put your letter in my desk by mistake. Thinking that I’m Kaoru.”

“o-oh I’m s-sorry.” You said quickly putting your head down to avoid eye contact with the twin.

“But you know. Kaoru likes this other girl. So how about you date me instead it would be like you’re dating Kaoru, since we both look alike.”

“N-no that’s okay.” You said while keeping your head down, but causing a little shock to roam Kaoru’s face.


“B-because, I like Kaoru. Just because you two look alike doesn’t change the fact that I have a ……….. crush on Kaoru…… and not on you Hikaru…..”

The Real Hikaru watched from behind the bush waiting for his signal, that didn’t come. Instead he just saw his own brother stand there in shock not saying anything, not even giving him his queue.

“Well, Hikaru can you tell Kaoru that……… I like him……. Even if he doesn’t have the same feelings as me it wouldn’t change the fact……… that I’m leaving.”


Kaoru just stood there holding the letter as the young girl started to cry in front of him.

“Goodbye.” Minutes had passed after the young girl left Kaoru, but Hikaru soon walked up beside his questioning him of what happened. Leaving him in the bush waiting to give the grand surprise.

“She said that just because we look alike doesn’t mean she would date one instead of the other.”

“Kaoru! That doesn’t change the fact that she is just another girl trying to get into our world!”

“But, what was I supposed to do?”

“This!” Hikaru then grabbed the letter that Kaoru still held in his hands, and tore it in front of him. “No one! Can enter our world, they never understand us. And they never will.” He said as tears started coming out of his eyes, but his twin was there beside him and pulled him into a hug.

Once Hikaru left Kaoru, to go back to class. Kaoru picked up the little pieces of the torn up letter, and placed them into his pocket. He wouldn’t forget. No. he couldn’t forget the girl that consider him and his brother two different people and not one person. But first he has to wait until he gets to see her again.

___One year later___

Ever since that one incident, one year ago. The twins have opened up their walls, mostly with the help of Tamaki Suou, for making them join the host club. Where they met a  girl, or boy, or girl that dresses as a boy? That could actually tell them apart. Now instead of breaking girls hearts, they were putting a smile on their faces. They are hosts now, so that’s kind of their job, but they sneak in a prank on Tamaki every now and then. But the one girl Kaoru always wanted to put a smile, on ______’s face, but how could he? Since she now lives in America. I guess he just has to hope that he will get to see her once again.

___Outside of Ouran Academy___

A limousine pulled up to the gates of the academy. A man came out of the driver’s seat and opened two doors one for a man, ___(father’s name)___, and the other for you. You looked up at the school, seeing how it hasn’t even changed in the past year.

“_____? Are you sure you want to go to school here again?” your father asked.

“Of course father. Besides it’s been a year, I don’t think anyone would remember me, so it would be like a fresh start.” You said with a smile on your face.

“But but, we have the limousine here, we can always just drive away and never speak of this again.”

“Daddd……..” you just stared at him.

“Finee……. Let’s get going. I will walk you to your class.”

“Thanks Dad.”

You walked through the halls of the Academy, remembering all the good times you had at this school with your friends. Memories of you, and your friends laughing, making fun of each other, and even talking about guys each other liked. ( you usually tried to avoid that subject) But then you stopped in front of your classroom, class 1-A. You looked through the window, and saw the teacher teaching, and you started to get nervous.

“Hey Dad?”

“Yeah __(nickname)__?”

“Can I take you up on your offer? Let’s leave and never talk about this again.”

Your father just went into a fit of laughter the finally found the right word to say, “ We are just outside the door and now you change your mind?”


“Well, Let’s go then.” You two tried to sneak away, but sadly the teacher saw you through the window in the door. The door then opened, and out came the teacher.

“Well you must be ______   _______.”

‘crap, crap,crap.’ Was the only thing going through your head. “Umm yes that’s me.”

“Come right this way, and I will introduce you to the class.”

“A-alright.” Your dad then pushed you towards the teacher, but instead you turned around a gave him a hug. “Bye dad see you at home.”

“Bye _____.” You finally let go of your dad, and watched him walk down the hall, waving at you, and in the process almost falling down the stairs, but then he was gone. Then you walked inside your classroom.

___Kaoru’s POV___

I saw the teacher, look at the window and noticed someone was there. She then walked outside and closed the door behind her, making everyone in the class start talking to each other.

“Do you think that’s the new student?”

“Yeah. Is it a Boy or a girl?”

“I Hope they are cute.”

I heard from around the class. Then I looked at Hikaru wondering “what’s going on?” but he gave me the same look back. Finally after several minutes the teacher came back into class along with a girl that looked almost like…….. wait could it be her? No. she’s in America.

“Class this is our new Student _____   ______. She moved her from America.”

‘It really is her, I can’t believe it. After this one year she’s finally here standing right in front of me.’

“It’s nice to meet you all.” She said with a cute smile, that made some blush creep on my face.

“Well _____ , you can take that empty seat between Haruhi, and Kaoru.”

“Ummmm……… Who? And who?”

“Haruhi, and Kaoru can you put up your hands, so _____ knows where to go.” We then both raised our hands, and she sat between us.

“Thank you~” she said with another cute smile, causing me to blush even more, but thankfully she was sitting down so I had enough time, to get the blush off of my face.

Class was boring as usual, but every once and a while I would look at ____ to see her, looking out the window. At one point the teacher told us to get partners. I wanted to be partners with ____ but sadly she partnered up with Haruhi, so I just had to partner up with Hikaru.


Yes, class is finally over, and it was lunch, but then ____ where would she eat, because I don’t think her friends would remember her, or maybe they might.

“Hey ____, do you have somewhere to eat for lunch?” Haruhi asked.

“Well……. ummmm……. No not really……..”

“Why don’t you come with us?” Hikaru said as he put his arm on her shoulder, and looked at me to say something, but I just stood there glaring darts at him. As he sent me a confused look.

“Ummmm…….. I guess so….”

“Great!” I finally said putting my arm on her other shoulder.

We walked all the way to the Host Club.

“Welcome to our club!~” we all said in unison as we opened the doors, and rose petals came flying at her.

“What. The. Hell? Why was I just attacked by ROSE PETALS!?”was the only thing she said to us, when she saw the club.

“Well you see, it was the boss’s idea.” Hikaru and I said in unison while scratching the backs of our heads.

“Doesn’t he know he could kill someone!”

“you should probably tell him that then.”

We gave her a tour of the room, and explained the host club to her, and when we finished she sat with Haruhi, at her table, as we entertained our guested. Then again every now and then, I couldn’t help, but keep my eyes on her.

___Reader’s POV___

This club they showed me was not bad, but also not great, just interesting. After they showed me everything and explained everything, I sat down at a  table that was apparently “Haruhi’s table.” Yeah I still don’t understand their club quite yet.

I sat there and talked with Haruhi, who I figured out is a girl, about quite a lot of things. Until a tall blonde guy, and a guy wearing glasses came up to me.

“Why Hello there my Princess. Are you New here?” He said as he took my hand, and brought it close to his mouth.

“Y-yes.” I said while yanking my hand back.

“Well my Princess, is Haruhi your Host?”


“Yes host, but if you want you can come to my table, and I will make you happy.” He said inching  closer to my face.

But then I remember that boy, from one year ago, who stole my heart, and when I finally gained enough courage to tell him, I placed a not in his desk, but when he came to meet me. I found out I placed the note in the wrong desk, and I had to say my farewells to his brother, and not him. This memory brought tears to my eyes, and soon they started flowing down my cheeks, causing this Tamaki Suou to move away from me a bit.

“Is something wrong my Princess?”

“N-no………. ummmm excuse me.” I said as I pushed him out of the way and ran towards the door, and finally ran out of the room.

___Kaoru’s POV___

I looked over from my table to see _____ crying, I wanted to go over there, but Haruhi was there, so she could help. But I was wrong. Instead I watched as she ran towards the door, and ran out of the room. I looked over at Hikaru, who was just as surprised as me. But instead of just sitting there, and waiting for her to come back yet again, I did the one thing I didn’t do last time. I ran after her.

I ran down the halls heading in the direction people told me, that she ran in. Until I was outside in the garden, in front of me was the maze. ‘She could be anywhere inside. But I have to find her.’ I ran inside the maze, searching and yelling for _____, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then when I started to lose hope in finding her in this big maze. I found her at the gazebo.

I walked up to her, as she just stood there crying, and once I was close enough I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her into a hug.

“_____, please don’t cry.” I whispered in her ear.

I felt her try to squirm out of my grasp, but I just kept holding on. I wasn’t going to let her run away. At least not again. She finally stopped trying to fight me, and turned around to face me, and cried into my shirt.

“______, everything will be alright. I’m here now. But I can’t stand to see you cry. So what is wrong?”

“………. I miss him…….”

“W-who?” I asked. Hoping I knew the right answer.

“…… t-the boy I loved. W-when I went to school here a year ago…….”

‘I was right.’ I felt my knees crumble under me as I fell on to the ground, pulling _____ with me.

“_____, I-I know the boy….. you are talking about.” She then looked up into my golden eyes with her __(e/c)__ ones.


I took this chance to place my hands on either side of her face pulling her closer to me.

“Of course I do. He is me….” I then placed my lips on hers’. I felt her in shock but then she melted into the kiss, and kissed me back. We kissed for a couple of minutes, until we both pulled back for the need of air. But I still kept my hands on her face, and wiped away any tears that fell down from her eyes.

“I missed you _____.” She did her cute smile, and hugged me again.

“I missed you too, Kaoru.”

“I never want to lose you again, _____, so that’s why since I love you so much I will make you this promise. When we are old enough, and graduate from school, would you marry me?”

She just nodded and smiled, and I pulled her into another passionate kiss.


“let’s go to class together.” I said standing up, and holding out my hand to her, which she gladly accepted, and we walked to class together, with our hands entwined together, and big smiles on our faces.























































And the Promise was kept.

First OHSHC Fanfiction :D WOOT!!!!

I wanted to try something else other than Pokemon :(

So i went to ~~OHSHC~~ :) 

I don't own you or OHSHC, or the picture which i just found on google. The story idea was mine though :)

Anyways Enjoy!!

Oh oh and Also Comment down below so i know what to improve, or if you like it. ~Those comments always make me happy~ :)

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